Give me the Weed and let me Meditate

Almost everyone I know smokes weed, probably because we relate to each other. But then I do know a nice handful of people who don’t and they all tell me the same thing. “Pot makes you stupid” -(in my dad voice) Or even a good friend of mine says that she feels stupid when she smokes weed.

These negative perspectives on my beloved  Mary Jane I blame on two things. One the society we grew up in with their “this is you brain on drugs” commercials:

And second, stupid people who just happen to smoke weed. The weed isn’t what makes them stupid. They were born that way.

Even High Times magazine had a pretty interesting article on the effect of marijuana on the human brain . 

Pretty much since this country has been hell bent on not allowing research it’s still up in the air as to the real effects on brain function. However there isn’t any significant data to suggest it causes damage on a fully developed brain and I personally have been smoking weed for decades and the worse thing that’s ever happened was meeting some cops and a good case of the munchies. Physically and mentally there has been no damage at all. In fact I’m a better person because I smoke weed.

Now we have states legalizing it and medical use is almost everywhere but there’s always going to be rules this. Like all you have to do is be 21 to buy in Vegas but get caught in public smoking and it’s a $600 ticket.

And here’s where I start getting to my point. I’ve been smoking weed long before the idea of legalization or decriminalization was even mentioned in politics and I’ve taken a lot of risks for my weed. Even gotten in some trouble so why do I continue to smoke? Why do any of us smoke?
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