Lead by Example: Healthy Smoking Habits for the Kids

The question isn’t will my kids smoke weed, it’s when and how? Because we all know it’s inevitable. My hope however is that the new generation strictly vapes. Because vaping is healthier. And we want the best for our kids don’t we?


These are the facts, cannabis isn’t bad for you, it’s actually great and has lots of benefits. But the act of smoking is. When one smokes harsh toxins are released that can damage your lungs and cause cancer. Haven’t you ever felt like a blunt was harsh on you?

I’ve smoked a lot of blunts, and still do.  But I’ve switched to hemp wraps instead of tobacco blunts because all those Phillies, Swishers and Garcia Vegas were getting too harsh on my throat. Though I do see a significant difference with hemp wraps, there are motivating reasons for the new generation to want to vape instead of smoke:

  1. The cannabis oils and concentrates, which is what you’d vape, are stronger and more potent. Giving you that high feeling faster and more efficiently.
  2. There’s barely any odor which means vaping weed makes it less likely you’ll get caught.
  3. You don’t need a lighter meaning no risk of breathing in any butane or noxious gases from your lighter, starting a fire or worse yet someone stealing your lighter. (joking on that last part)
  4. Vape pens deliver clean vapor packed with THC eliminating the smoking risks.
  5. And you save money because vapes last much longer.

Vaping is the way to go for sure. But this how I see things going down with my kids. They are going to want to try smoking. Their mother is Smokette after all and they’ll probably try to smoke my stash.

My plan? To have plenty of hemp wraps to roll, hemp wick to light and vape pens to “smoke” right there along side my stash that definitely includes cannabis oils. Because we can’t control other people, not even our own kids, but we can lead by example, preach and share healthier pothead habits. And most importantly, love them no matter what.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the stoner mommies out there and as always stay lit!





Smokette.net is One of the Top 100 Marijuana Blogs

Starting the new year off strong! Smokette.net was ranked one of the Top 100 Marijuana Blogs by FeedSpot!

I’m up there with some of my favorites like:

High Times ranked number 2.

Leafly ranked number 8.

The Weed Blog ranked number 11.

Free the Tree ranked number 60.

And of coarse my favorite of all my blog Smokette.net ranked number 82!!

For the full list and some great feeds to follow this new year visit Feedspot : Top 100 Marijuana blogs!


May your 2018 be blessed and as always stay lit!


Cuban Tech

This Hialeah raised team is killing it on the west coast with their bad ass hash!

It’s true the Instagram names “Cuban grower” and “Qban hash queen” was what originally grabbed my attention, I am biased and tend to naturally be drawn towards anything with the word “Cuban” in it, being one and all. But these guys have got skillzzzzzzzz…

Seeing is believing so let’s just do a little show and tell here:

Cookies and Cream single source water hash grown by the Cuban Hash Queen and separated by Cubans Full Melt

Mint Chocolate Chip live resin also grown by the Cuban Queen hashed by the Cuban Grower

Headstash pressed out by the Cuban Grower

And now the Cuban Grower is managing the new Critical 710 California facility  and here it the first ever Critical x Cuban sauce collaboration

These guys are living the dream, or at least my dream.  This year their Cookies and Cream Drysift won 3rd in the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup for non-solvent hash.  In 2016 their Black Mamba drysift won 2nd in NorCal and Cookies and Cream won 1st in Michigan.  As the Cuban Grower said on Instagram:

damn it feels good to be a gangster

I’d love to join the squad. The day your hiring let me know I’ll pack up and head west asap.

And for all you dab, shatter, live resin, hash fans if you see this face on a banner:

They got fire!

Best Christmas Wish List For The Stoner In Your Life

Have a stoner or pretty pothead on your holiday shopping list this year? Well I’ve got you covered. Aside from being able to smoke large quantities of marijuana, shopping is also one of my other fortes! People are always asking me where I got this and that and “OMG that’s so cool!” Yeah I have a gift and it being the season of giving I thought why not make your stoner fam happy by listing out some perfect pothead gifts:


Kush Kards

Because what stoner wouldn’t enjoy a Christmas card with a joint? With a huge selection, you’re sure to find the perfect card for your pothead in mind.

Empire Rolling Papers :

These just came out in 2017 and it’s all about the “Benny”baby! Not only are these rolling papers all natural and non-GMO but have amazing graphics that resemble the $100 bill. The Benny’s come in a resealable wallet of 10 papers with 10 tips included. Each Benny is created using vegetable paper, vegetable oil for the design, and a sugar based adhesive, ensuring the clean and safe smoking experience of burning what looks like money while chasing those clouds. #PassTheBenny

The Glass Works Company Wake and Bake Frying Pan Glass Pipe

Weed humor included. This hand pipe features sausage and eggs frying for the ultimate wake and bake experience. Any pothead in the world would get a kick out of this one!

Stoner Care Packages!

A Lifted Ladies box, Lit Pact, or StashBox would make a great holiday gift! They can be a one time present or if your pretty pothead has been really good this year you might want to buy them a monthly subscription. The care packs vary but are all great and come with all sorts of treats that are sure to put a smile on any stoners face!


With Black Friday around the corner I hope my list helps you get all the deals, steals and stoner holiday shopping success. And if  don’t get a chance to say it later Happy Danksgiving Everyone!

How to Pass a Drug Test: What No One Else Will Tell You

Google “How to pass a drug test” and all your going to find is people telling you to abstain, to detox, to do this that and the other. Before you continue to read, this is just how to pass a urine drug test. So if it’s blood or hair your worried about, well look some where else but if your worried about a urine test read on…

The first thing to worry about when it comes to urine test is who is administering the test?

If this test is a pre-employment screen do I have the solution for you! But before we get there, if your on probation or parole or are applying for a law enforcement or military position sorry to break it to you like this but your only real chance of passing is to get actually clean. These types of urine test are supervised so unless you have some skills I do not possess like a big penis to hide a tube under…I don’t know??  Between you and me, I seriously think there is something wrong with all probation officers spending their lives watching people pee, not to mention the charge for something like that has to be crazy! Also law and military can detect any and all 24 hour detox solutions. So I wouldn’t try it, when you play with fire you get burnt.

Now if your just trying to pass a regular unsupervised urine drug test I have 3 solutions for you:

  1. The Detox: How I recommend doing this is exactly how I state it. Don’t change a thing or it won’t work. Time is very important because the detox is only a temporary fix. You drink the entire bottle within 15 min. Do not throw up! If you throw up swallow it, seriously. Then drink water. As an extra precaution buy some home drug test. This detox is going to make you feel like a Kentucky racehorse on it’s 5th lap, meaning your going to want to pee a lot ! And the detox tastes so nasty that’s why I emphasize on do not throw up. For me by the 3rd time I pee I’m clean.  I know this because I self test at home. Then I feel like peeing but I hold it until I take the actual test fully confident that I will in fact pass with flying colors because I have over 10 times. Even for a hospital position. I tested myself after I’ve taken the actual lab test at home and I was still clean 5 hours after but I recommend drinking your detox 2 hours before and testing at the lab within 3 hours. The brand I use is called Clear Choice which you can order online but if you don’t have time to wait for shipping just go to your local head shop and I’m sure whatever they have will work. These detoxes vary on consumption amount. I consume over 2-3 grams daily and it works perfect just abstain and eat salad, drink water and be healthy instead of a burger or fried foods the day before. Don’t want to abstain at all? No problem!
  2. Urine Sub: Have any kids or a friend that your 100% certain has clean piss? Then this is the cheapest route to go. Grandma’s pee usually doesn’t work because grandma takes prescription medication. (which if you come up positive for without a prescription guarantees you will not get the job) A friend or child will work however but there’s a few tricks to this. Sex matters if your not female. Meaning a woman can use a mans urine and a man can use a females urine pending that the female is not pregnant. I’m serious about this, pregnancy will mess up your passing if your a man. Now what you need is at least 3 ounces of this clean urine. If you get it the day before refrigerate it. In fact refrigerate it if your are holding it for more than 5 hours. Urine tends to break down in time and refrigeration stops this. Next you need something you can hold this urine in and conceal it on your body for the actual test. I like glass blood vials but I do have access to these regularly. It really doesn’t matter what you use as long as you can hide it on you. When your ready to go to the test heat up the urine, it needs to be between 98-100 degrees. I use hand warmers to maintain the temp for the ride from my house to the lab and I stash my urine in between my thigh and genital area. Temperature strips are very handy too because if it’s too hot or too cold the lab will reject your sample. Same thing with amount you must have at least 3 ounces, I know this from experience. One time I didn’t have enough and I had to come up with an excuse to come back at a later date. Which I did successfully and passed. These test are not supervised so they will tell you not to flush or turn on the water to wash your hands so don’t. Go into the bathroom pour your sample in their cup give it to the lab tech and congratulate yourself you just passed, pending of coarse on that the person you got your urine from was in fact clean. Don’t have any friends or kids like that? No problem!
  3. Synthetic urine is for you! This just like the urine sub but you don’t have to refrigerate, you don’t have to worry if it’s actually clean pee, and usually it comes with a heating system included. But it cost a lot more than the awkward conversation you need to have with your kid as to why they need to pee in this cup for you. The brand I use is Quick Fix. They guarantee double your money if it doesn’t work, and that’s because it works every time! This one your going to have to order online depending on which state you live in because here, where I live, no head shop sells it. But maybe you live in a more liberal state in which case you might be lucky enough to find it sold in stores. Like the urine sub you heat it up and in the lab bathroom you pour it into the cup with no worries. There is a temperature strip included to make sure proper temp. and it contains all the ingredients real urine has.

All the above I have actually used and have always worked. The main trick is to remain calm. Don’t act too nervous to avoid arousing suspicion of any sort. Trust me all these tricks work as long as you execute them correctly. Temp. is the only way sub-ing isn’t going to work and as for the detox you must pee out all your dirty pee first and you must test before the time frame expires. That’s it, be confident your going to be fine. I promise.

One that I’d like to try but cannot tell you either way of the success rate is Urine Luck. If any of my lovely readers out there know about this product please let me know! How it works I understand is you pee in the cup and then pour the urine luck on top of your sample and it somehow breakdown all the THC. Which sounds interesting.

Well, good luck and as always stay lit!

Cannabis To Go and Edibles Delivered to Your Door

Cali and Nevada, great news I’ve just become a greenRush Ambassador which means you can use promo code: WELCOME25   Smokette and have $20 off your first order on greenRush – PLUS an additional $60 in credits towards their future orders.


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FYI: Recreational delivery is not available yet in Nevada and parts of Cali but you place your order online, shop away and it’ll be there ready to pick up! That what I did!

Best part of it all, you can do it all straight off the greenRush app!

Get your cannabis to go, edibles delivered and stay lit! Currently if you spend $100 or more you get a free 1/8 and some wax! Seriously, check it out greenRush !

And you don’t need one any more but I felt it important to add that if you’d like to get a MMJ card and save even more with tax breaks, you can get yours at greenRush for only $39! Seriously!

Get approved in minutes. How is works:

  1. Join a video consultation with a doctor on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  2. Your recommendation will be available for immediate use
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  4.  Start shopping immediately with greenRush

Stay Stoney Fam!

Dashcam and Waze App to Avoid Legal Ramifications

If you’ve been following me from my first post, Blazin in Jamaica, that wasn’t too long ago, then you already know that I have experienced some legal issues due to my being a weed connoisseur. And the truth is I’m always going to be a connoisseur however whether it’s medical or not, weed can get you in some jams but the best thing to do about being yourself is be your best self. And by best, I mean smartest.  I’m going to share my two best tips for covering your ass when comes to dealing with the cops.

First, I have my Dashcam, sold at many locations I picked mine up at Best Buy. Why a dash cam? Well here are some sad truths about law enforcement. They have protocols to follow, rules to enforce and a process that must be done a certain way in order to get a conviction. The number one thing to remember if you ever have to deal with the police is they are not your friend. This is just a job for them and their job is to convict.

Now here’s the catch. You were pulled over and were cooperative. Maybe you have a bag of weed in your car maybe you don’t? When asked if they can search your vehicle, as you have the right, you said no. Or you were searched with “probable cause” and it turns out you did have a bag of weed in your car, the cop is petty and wants to arrest you for a bag of weed and then you go to jail???

It’s very possible that you’re innocent. Even though cops might be portrayed as heroes to some they break laws all the time. What they write up in the report is what is considered to be true. When you go to court that cop is going to sit there with his shiny badge and say whatever he or she needs to say to match their report and close the case. And the saddest truth is you can be a perfect person, if what you say contradicts what the police said the judge will always side with the police unless you have evidence. That’s why you need a Dashcam.

It records visual and audio. It records forever, or at least it seems and when it does get full and nothing happened, you just delete and start all over in 3 easy steps. Which I’m not going over, once you have yours I’m sure there’s a 5-year-old out there that can help you out if you’re having any problems. Most importantly about the Dashcam is it does not lie.  Cops do. And that is why I highly recommend getting one because you never know who is going to pull you over and if you do meet an asshole cop, you need to protect yourself with your Dashcam evidence.

Next my second tip is the Waze app. Just like google maps in that it’s a GPS but with this one awesome feature. Waze is a community and other users can give you a heads up if they see police ahead. Likewise, you can also alert other users when you see them. The app will notify you when you’re within 2 miles of reported police.

Why do I like this app? Simple, because the best way to avoid legal ramifications is by avoiding police in general. Don’t give them an in. Wear your seat-belt, do the speed limit, follow the law. And we all know how to do it but let’s face it we don’t all the time. But with Waze we at least get a heads up and go into best behavior automatically. Great app, just love it!

The moral of the story here is it’s better to be safe than sorry. I personally wish I had a Dashcam through all of my police experiences in life. To say the least, I’ve met too many asshole petty cops in my life. And Waze helps me avoid them and my Dashcam helps me when I can’t. Oh and my grandfather said, just smoke it all so they don’t have any evidence on you, that helps too.

Think ahead be ready for anything and stay lit!!!