Top 3 Stoner Care Package Subscriptions

Let me start with I’m not being paid to promote any of these care packages. Just wanted to share my experience with three very different weed connoisseur care packages that I recently bought, that can be turned into a monthly subscription (smoke not included). All three were great but I’m only turning one into a subscription personally because sadly I’m not made of money.  If I could I would subscribe to all three.  But in having to choose one I suppose it depends on the type of stoner you are or at least the way you like to smoke that really matters when it comes to choosing the best one for you.

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The first one I ordered was from : LiftedLadies

Cost: $33.95 with free shipping

Now this July Munchies (they are themed each month) care package was awesome! And I have seen the August box and it looked very nice too! It came with a stash bag that says “where’s the pizza”(I love pizza), a glazed doughnut scented candle, 4 different blunt packs, which I love because blunts are my go to smoking essential. Chocolate chip cookie flavored joint rolling papers by Juicy Jay’s, my second go to smoking essential, which were delicious.  A really cute glass bowl, magnetic grinder and more! I loved it and what I’ve noticed or let’s say my favorite thing about this subscription is they always throw in some crazy I’ve never heard of blunts and that’s too cool! For the price you can’t beat it however it’s called lifted ladies for a reason and even though I see guys trying all the blunts I also  really couldn’t see one care less about the candle or pin or coloring of the stash bag. So this one is definitely for girls that like to roll.

Next the : StashBox

Cost: $30 plus shipping

This was the August Galactic box  (like Lifted ladies the also have monthly themes). Septembers theme is Cali Crusher. First they have definitely the best website of the 3. And a nice loyalty program with lots of giveaways on Instagram. My referral code is: Smokette13 

June’s box had Raw cones. July’s box had Empire rolling papers, you know those $100’s by Rick Ross! I actually got mine directly from Empire when Rick Ross was doing his giveaway and all you had to do was pay shipping (I had to mention that because I really love those $100’s) And this August box had some Element’s (joint papers) and 2 really cool Glow pipes, weed leaf socks, 420 wipes, and more! My favorite thing about the StashBox subscription is they throw a lot of products like empire rolling papers, glow pipes, even shine rolling papers at times! Really wish August had some Shine! I haven’t tried those yet and I’ve been wanting too.  And the thing I notice about Stashbox is they’re more about joints and not so much about blunts. Given I love joints but my August box and from what I see about May’s, June’s and July’s didn’t have any blunts, but it’s still a great care package and did really love it! Especially my glow pipe, oh and the socks! And this subscription I ‘d recommend to anyone who just want to try something new every month.

Finally the Lit pact.

Here you have options on how big of a pack you want and the cost ranges from : $10-$245 I’m going with the monthly $38.99 plus shipping OG Pack because I just like being bad and boujee, but there are options!


I found this care package to just get who I am and I don’t even know how they do that.  This one here came with a rolling tray, two glass pieces (very high quality), a one hitter, a metal grinder, raw rolling papers, 2 clear blunts, blunt tubes, some awesome lighters, a glass jar to store me weed in (which I love), even condoms and more!

Sure this one’s the most expensive but my favorite thing about this subscription is that it includes more long lasting things, like the rolling tray and glass jar. The pacts do change every month and after your 3rd month you can get a custom pack. The Lit Pact I’d recommend to anyone who is all about that #RawLife. But it’s also important to mention this care package has options. Say your more into dabs and bongs, well they do have Dab pacts just for that too. Say you want something more girly, they have the pink love pact for you.

I’m not saying that any care package is better than the other.  I really love all three. And if I could afford it I’d have all three subscriptions. I’m just saying I’m going with one (and I’m not telling which) at least for a while and then maybe I’ll switch it up. Follow me on my Instagram: @Smokette_ if you really want to know which one I picked! I recommend trying them all out like I did just to see if you have a favorite.

Stay Lit!



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