Mermaids Smoke SeaWeed

If you know me in my personal life, then you already know and there’s no doubt about it, I’m a mermaid.  I love the ocean and I wish I never have to leave.  According to Ocean Tokes;

Mermaids swim free

And I suppose that’s why when I first saw these Seashell pipes on Instagram I had to find out more:

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These seashell pipes start their natural life on the ocean floor just off the coast of the Philippines, India, and Indonesia. They are real seashells!

And by buying a pipe you are actually making a donation to the amazing Nonprofit 501-3(C) whose committed to the sustainability and evolution of our planet.  This September Ocean Lifeline is traveling to Koh Tao, Thailand, to participate in a 3 week long ocean conservation project aimed at rehabilitating a local coral reef. Learn all about the project here.

Without further or due I present to you: Ocean Tokes

OceanTokes captures the natural essence of the earth by hand crafting beautiful, environmentally friendly sea shell pipes while decreasing waste and protecting the ocean we all share. And makes smoking as organic as your Weed itself!

From the consumer prospective I have to say I find mines beautiful! I adore that it’s actually a real seashell and now knowing more about Ocean Tokes my heart is warmed by their amazing efforts to save the world and our beautiful ocean.

Head over to Ocean Tokes and smoke like a mermaid. You can by a single pipe or start collecting seashells from anywhere with their monthly subscription.

As always Stay Lit!



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