Invest with Stash


Have you ever wanted to invest in the stock market but you didn’t really know where to start? What if I told you all you needed was $5 to start investing in any stock you’d like, even cannabis like me and I’ll give you that first $5 to start…would you be interested?

Oh how the times are changing. Just last year I started investing effortlessly with Stash. And after only a few months I even got my first dividends at the end of 2018.

And it felt awesome! Stash has simplify investing so much that anyone can do it. They offer fractional shares which let you invest as little as $5 at a time. The investments offered on Stash are all well-known and approachable stocks with investing themes based on expense ratio, trading liquidity, and risk profile. So whether, you’re a new investor or a seasoned veteran, you can feel confident investing with Stash.

Now again you can invest in anything you’d like from McDonald’s to Amazon to The Cheesecake Factory…whatever you like really. We know I like weed so of coarse I jumped at the opportunity to own a piece of the Cannabis stocks. Here’s what my investment looks like:

It’s an ETF which is a portfolio of separate companies like so:

And every week I just invest a little more and just keep becoming a bigger player with more buying/selling power week per week.
Wanna play the stock market with me? Well here’s your first $5.00 to start investing today!

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