How to Win a Hempire Cup


Not to brag but I’ve won quite a few Hempire Cups:

So it’s safe to say I’m more than a great source for this type of intel right!?! And those are just the ones that I could find the screenshots of. Most recently my new strain is One Love:

One Love

Which looks just lovely growing in my greenhouse

On taking a closer look don’t sit there and judge me for only having 2 diamonds. I just finished winning the last Hempire Cup which gets me started on how to win one.

The truth is you have to really want and believe you can win in order to actually win. After winning and losing a ton of times I do believe I have come up with a full proof method to victory and step one begins way before you ever enter the Hempire Cup. It begins in the greenhouse.

Step 1: Level Up Your Seeds

Yes, all day I go in and out the game just to breed my seeds because you need to breed your Hempire Cup strain with the seeds you already have. Common sense comes into play here in that the stronger the seeds the stronger the breed, you know?!? If you’re a new player, check out these: tips and tricks, because you have a ton of work to do.

Step 2: Start on Time

The Cup plays for 48 hours from the hours of 1pm-1pm Central Time (CT). Personally I have never come from behind and won a Cup. To win you need to be there at 1pm on the dot and start breeding your 1st seed.

You get 18 seeds to start with. Which is no where near enough to win. Which also means at 1pm you jump on Weed on Wheels, the only place you’re going to get more of your Hempire Cup strains seeds. You’re going to have to at least reach levels 13-16 on Weed on Wheels to win depending on which Cup you’re in and which level you are currently at. Each level gets harder meaning in the 1st few you can win by only reaching level 13 on Weed on Wheels.

The goal is to get on top and stay on top from the start. Trust me.

Step 3 You need at least 1 Epic Seed

Yes you do and you can either buy one for diamonds here in the industrial area of Hempire:

Or you can earn one by completing City Hall Quest here:

The epic seed is the last one you breed with. During the Hempire Cup there are levels you need to reach before you can really kill it with your epic seed. The first level being 300, then 700, 1000 and finally 2000. You want to make every seed count so you never use your epic seed until you have leveled up your Hempire strain to at least 2000.

If you really want to win and follow these 3 simple rules you have got a great chance of winning the Hempire Cup.

In other news Hempire might also soon be giving their Hempire Cup champs actual Cups when they win too:

Check out all the details on that from the direct source : The Hempire Game

Hope these tips help you out! And good luck on your next Hempire Cup!

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