How to Make a Bong with your Liquor Bottles


If you follow me on Instagram then most likely you’ve seen my skull head bong. A lot of you guys gave me some great feedback and even said you wanted one. So I figured it be easy just to show you all how to make you’re own homemade bong from your liquor bottles, which is essentially what I did!

In case you haven’t seen it in action here you go:

And here’s how to make one:

I started with a empty bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, because it’s a cool bottle, it’s a skull, it’s great vodka and it’s dope. The bottle cost almost $55 dollars here with tax but is does come with vodka.

But you can use any bottle you like. I’ve seen some gun shaped Tequila bottles at Binny’s too that would probably be cool.

Okay once you have you’re desired soon to be bong bottle you need a couple things.

  1. A diamond tip 3/8 drill bit. I got mine at Menards for about $10.00:
  2. You need a drill
  3. You need an 18mm drop stem,  14mm glass bowl and rubber stopper found at your local head shop:

That’s it. Now you drill. I placed my hole on the back of the skull head.

This is the only tricky part. The diamond tip drill bit is designed to drill into glass but when you drill into glass it can get hot and it can shatter. So you hold your bottle steady in the sink and let cold water run on it while you drill so not to shatter the bottle. I actually only had a little trickle running over my bottle while drilling but once you get that hole your in the clear.

Just rinse out the bottle, make sure you got all the glass out then put the rubber stopper, tube and bowl in the bottle as so:

And you’re done. Fill with water, pack your bowl and enjoy!

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  1. I love this idea! Utilizing for sure. Thanks @smokette ! Xox V.

  2. you’ve got high quality content.

  3. I love my Bong! Thanks Smokette

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  5. I’ve got several Sigg bottles, but after reading this article I think I might add a stainless steel to my collection to see how I like it…Good stuff to think about, Thanks!

  6. Awesome article.

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