How to Win a Hempire Cup

Not to brag but I’ve won quite a few Hempire Cups:

So it’s safe to say I’m more than a great source for this type of intel right!?! And those are just the ones that I could find the screenshots of. Most recently my new strain is One Love:

One Love

Which looks just lovely growing in my greenhouse

On taking a closer look don’t sit there and judge me for only having 2 diamonds. I just finished winning the last Hempire Cup which gets me started on how to win one.

The truth is you have to really want and believe you can win in order to actually win. After winning and losing a ton of times I do believe I have come up with a full proof method to victory and step one begins way before you ever enter the Hempire Cup. It begins in the greenhouse.

Step 1: Level Up Your Seeds

Yes, all day I go in and out the game just to breed my seeds because you need to breed your Hempire Cup strain with the seeds you already have. Common sense comes into play here in that the stronger the seeds the stronger the breed, you know?!? If you’re a new player, check out these: tips and tricks, because you have a ton of work to do.

Step 2: Start on Time

The Cup plays for 48 hours from the hours of 1pm-1pm Central Time (CT). Personally I have never come from behind and won a Cup. To win you need to be there at 1pm on the dot and start breeding your 1st seed.

You get 18 seeds to start with. Which is no where near enough to win. Which also means at 1pm you jump on Weed on Wheels, the only place you’re going to get more of your Hempire Cup strains seeds. You’re going to have to at least reach levels 13-16 on Weed on Wheels to win depending on which Cup you’re in and which level you are currently at. Each level gets harder meaning in the 1st few you can win by only reaching level 13 on Weed on Wheels.

The goal is to get on top and stay on top from the start. Trust me.

Step 3 You need at least 1 Epic Seed

Yes you do and you can either buy one for diamonds here in the industrial area of Hempire:

Or you can earn one by completing City Hall Quest here:

The epic seed is the last one you breed with. During the Hempire Cup there are levels you need to reach before you can really kill it with your epic seed. The first level being 300, then 700, 1000 and finally 2000. You want to make every seed count so you never use your epic seed until you have leveled up your Hempire strain to at least 2000.

If you really want to win and follow these 3 simple rules you have got a great chance of winning the Hempire Cup.

In other news Hempire might also soon be giving their Hempire Cup champs actual Cups when they win too:

Check out all the details on that from the direct source : The Hempire Game

Hope these tips help you out! And good luck on your next Hempire Cup!

Hempire Tips and Tricks

Have you started playing Hempire yet? Well if you have or haven’t I got some tips and tricks for you. Like a breeding cheat sheet, your best approach from the start and some how to’s and work arounds.

From the Beginning

When you first start you come into town from one of those unwanted government funded vacations and your friends and family are so glad that your back and doing the same thing you did before, growing weed! Except this time it’s legal!

You have a basic set up, two strains of cannabis Afghani first and Skunk soon after. A grow room, a warehouse for your buds and a shed for other things like supplies such as lights, paint, and all sorts of things your going to need to upgrade and build your Hempire.

The Priorities/Tips and Tricks

Aside from of course completing your quest which all entail selling and growing weed. The number one problem your going to face is storage so listen up:

  • If your warehouse is full don’t trash anything just go breed in the lab, sell to weed on wheels, visit grandmas, the bakery, or somewhere to use the resources until you open your dispensary.
  • When the shed is full build something and/or buy new property.
  • Upgrade your warehouse and shed as often as possible. To upgrade you need specific items. Say you need a watering can for example. When you hold your finger over the item you need, it will tell you where to find it. Like watering cans can be found in garbage bins. While you get jars from completing deals with the Duke of Herb. Licenses to operate or renovate you get from the Mayors Aide and so on.
  • Upgrade grandmas house asap. She’s your cannabutter (which you make with Afghani buds), marshmellow  (with Northern lights that you create by breeding Afghani and Skunk together), cannaflour (with Skunk)  and once you hit level 21 chocolate (Northern lights and Afghani) connect. And since you need bud to produce all these treats she a great option for when your warehouse is full. Just give her the bud and put her to work.
  • Open the bakery. Here you’ll need grandmas butter and some Skunk for cookies. Her canna flour and Chemdawg (which you create by breeding Northern Lights and Skunk together) for dank donuts and  Afghani and flour for pot pies. Then at level 22 her chocolate and Hindu Kush (a cross between Northern lights and Chemdawg) for brownies. And tjis bakery is just another great way to free up space in your warehouse.
  • And the best way to get rid of extra product aside from selling to customers or weed on wheels is when you open the dispensary.
  • Next you need to build the oil factory. Here’s where you’ll make kief and at level 25 cannabis oil.
  • Build that Cannabis Factory which you can’t build until you reach level 18. And here is where you’ll get to make hash and wax.

What you don’t want to do it waste all your diamonds to speed things up. Just be patient. The second challenge is breeding:

Breeding Cheat Sheet:

  • Afghani + Skunk No 1 = Northern Lights
  • Northern Lights + Chemdawg = Hindu Kush
  • Northern Lights + Skunk No 1 = Chemdawg
  • Hindu Kush + Chemdawg = Sour Diesel
  • Hindu Kush + Sour Diesel = Haze
  • Haze + Sour Diesel = G13 Haze
  • G13 Haze + Chemdawg = Jack Herer
  • Breeding isn’t all about creating new strains either. You need to breed to strengthen your strains. When is comes to increasing your strains potency, aroma and pain relief you need to understand that you only strengthen the mother with a stronger father.

In Conclusion

The game is fun and very addictive. It’s a great way to feel what it’s like to live in a legal state. You see what I’ve been saying, that there are still rules to this, legal or not because your going to have several police encounters as you play. And you learn about the medicinal purposes of each strain too. Such as patients turn to Afghani , the potent indica to treat insomnia, pain and stress. While Sour Diesel is a sativa used to fade away depression to long-lasting relief. Some really interesting stuff in this game and it’s great to play at the beach, at home and even while enjoying some weed yourself too!

Tell me what you think about Hempire in the comments below and if you’re looking for me in the community cafe my screen name is Smokette ! Bet you guys could of figured that out huh?